This page is dedicated to breaking shopping news. We’ll be posting upcoming product reviews, price comparisons and whatever images we can get our hands on for free. If you’re interested in some sites that may be best to link to for breaking shopping news you might consider the sites listed below:

Shopping News Sites:

  1. CNet has some great reviews.
  2. Good House Keeping’s site provides some good tips for clothing shopping
  3. Our sites Reviews Page

We are interested in making our money go the distance. We are looking for shopping news that will not break the bank but will help you break out in a smile when you balance your budget. If you like tech, cars, apparel, furniture or food then you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Would you like to take your shopping to the next level? Find out what items are being newly released in our area and check your own local listings to see when those products will be available in your area.

Here is a taste of my favorite products from years past as I kick off this page:

Just a few of the products we like at News Pareno. If you’re interested in new products and would like to comment providing quality commentary and endorsement with legitimate products then you might get your comment allowed on our site. Otherwise keep your drooling mouths of our forums. We like bacon as much as the next guy but that’s no reason for you to ham up our site with your spam comments. My next gallery of photos will be clothing related since I leaned heavily on the food and tech today. I smell something cooking in the other room. It may just be my plate of Hormel Bacon bought in bulk (72 slices pre-cooked). Come on over for a BLT. $